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News – Terra Plug

News – Terra Plug

OASIS® Grower Solutions is pleased to introduce to you our newest technology – Terra Plug, a new patented bonded mixed media, for fast and uniform rooting performance in plant cuttings using a unique horticultural friendly bonding technology. With this addition, OASIS® Grower Solutions continues to lead the industry in specialty media worldwide.



Key benefits of the Terra Plug:

  • Patented bonding technology allows customized media and sizing of plugs
  • Keeps original structures of the media fibers to provide optimal air/water porosity
  • Fast rooting with development of strong fibrous root system
  • Uniform density within the plug allowing rooting throughout the media from top to bottom
  • Helps roots access and utilize water and nutrient inputs
  • Ready-to-use plugs with ideal moisture content
  • Starter fertilizer charge allows healthy and uniform growth
  • Easy removal from trays for automated transplant
  • Early transplant even before the plants are well rooted
  • Controls the water release and does not dry out too fast
  • Does not shrink
  • Easy to re-water

For more information on Terra Plug and the full OASIS® Grower Solutions product line, please contact your OASIS® Grower Solutions technical sales representative or contact us at 800-321-8286.

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About OASIS® Grower Solutions: For nearly 60 years, OASIS® Grower Solutions has supplied growers of every size with quality propagation media for vegetative plants, flowers and seed germination. Today, just as when we started, our biggest motivator continues to be the grower’s uncompromised success.
Our worldwide locations ensure that growers everywhere can rely on products from OASIS® Grower Solutions to grow not only incredible plants, but their businesses as well. Our goal is serve every grower with real solutions through unparalleled products, education, inspiration and support.


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