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Protocol – Soax®

Protocol – Soax®

OASIS® Grower Solutions Wetting Agent (liquid) for use on Ornamentals, Hydroponic and Consumer

Supports growing media with efficient moisture management

Use DirectionsOGS_Soax_ProtocolSheet_3.16.16

Initial application for media without wetting agent

Seedling/Propagation Media

Liquid 400 ppm

Bedding/Potted Plant Media

Liquid 1200 ppm, with media

Crop maintenance for media with a liquid wetting agent (ppm volume/volume in water)

Constant feed maintenance program 10 ppm, Weekly feed maintenance program 100 ppm

How to use this chart

  1. Determine number of parts per million (ppm) of Soax® you want to inject. Find that number on the first the horizontal row.
  2. Find the injector ratio of your system on the left hand, vertical column below.
  3. Where the ppm you wish to inject intersects with the injector ratio, that’s the number of ounces of Soax® Liquid you need to add to each gallon of stock solution. Do not apply Soax® directly to plant flowers. This product may cause spotting on the petals. This protocol does not replace the label instructions. Be sure to follow all Soax® label instructions.

Injector Ratio for Soax® Liquid Wetting Agent (Fluid oz. per gallon in stock solution)


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