Observations from California Spring Trials 2019

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The California Spring Trials 2019 fade into history, and Grower industry insiders head back east, exhausted but bursting with fresh ideas (and also tacos, but more on that later.)

California Spring Trials

About California Spring Trials

CAST is an annual weeklong event held at various locations throughout the state held exclusively for industry professionals. It is not open to the public. The event is a launching ground for some of the newest plant varieties, signage and packaging products, and merchandising programs and concepts. In addition, many locations include PGR experiments, outdoor trialing, and technical information and help.

New and Interesting OGS Products

Of course, vendors were out in force at Windmill Nursery highlighting their new products, and OASIS Grower Solutions was no exception. Featured OGS products included:

Horticubes and Rootcubes Retail Packs

Fertilizer Sachets – Visitors expressed keen interest in our fertilizer sachet mix, 10-15-30. It’s a general nutrient mix that works well with potted plants. It helps to increase the life of the plant, adding extra value to the consumer.  Several growers expressed interest in including a sachet with each of their potted plants.

Terra Plug Multi Dibble – The Growers quickly picked up on the many advantages of multiple dibbles, including:

  • Terra Plug now includes our SOAX® Advanced wetting agent – The plug wets in faster and rehydrates faster, especially when they miss watering cycles at the retailer – they last longer on their shelf.
  • Strong Root structure of Terra Plug which is one of the key advantages of Terra Plug, they root faster and stronger.
  • Multi Dibble allows the Grower to start 3 colors of one variety in ONE plug, then transfer to the final pot versus growing 3 separate plants, transplanting together and then transferring to a final pot. Eliminates additional plugs, greenhouse space, steps, and labor!

Visitors to the Windmill Nursery enjoyed the casual atmosphere, snacks, drinks, GREAT Conversations and the renowned CAST Taco Lunch!

Meanwhile, on YouTube…

California Spring Trials

And for more CAST product excitement, head over to the OASIS Grower Solutions YouTube page for our live, on-the-scene “Talkin’ Terra Plug” videos. We discuss Terra Plug’s unique blend of media, Terra Plug with SOAX Advanced, and the benefits of Terra Plug’s Multi Dibbles!