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Horticubes® AeroMax: a NEW hydroponic growing media from OASIS!

Oasis Grower Solutions understands the importance of propagation. Not only helping plants grow but generating big ideas as well. The most recent of which is the new substrate engineered for precision hydroponic farming called Horticubes AeroMax. Before creating a new media to support the production of leafy greens, herbs, and other crops for hydroponic farming, …

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News – Ecologically Sustainable (eS)

eS – Ecologically sustainable product:  our product platform for product that has an ecological and/or sustainable benefit. The eS products will have an ecological benefit by chemistry, manufacturing process or general makeup. eS Products: Fertiss® eS:  made with biodegradable wrap Horticubes® eS:  enhanced biodegradable engineered media for hydroponics For more information on Fertiss® eS, Horticubes® …

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News – Terra Plug

OASIS® Grower Solutions is pleased to introduce to you our newest technology – Terra Plug, a new patented bonded mixed media, for fast and uniform rooting performance in plant cuttings using a unique horticultural friendly bonding technology. With this addition, OASIS® Grower Solutions continues to lead the industry in specialty media worldwide.   Key benefits …

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