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EthylBloc™ Sachets Come to Canada!

Ethylbloc Canada eBlast

Canadians have long enjoyed the ethylene-fighting benefits of the EthylBloc™ Truck Kit, but the handy EthylBloc™ Sachet has always been stopped at the border! Well, OASIS® Grower Solutions has some news…

ethylbloc sachet canada

Canada Gains NEW Flexibility in the Fight Against Ethylene Damage!

EthylBloc™ Sachets help:

Extend flower life … Protect against leaf yellowing … Decrease premature flower aging …

Reduce flower, bud and leaf drop … Plus, they’re easy to use and nontoxic!

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Use EthylBlocTM Sachets at any point in the supply chain– immediately after harvest, just prior to shipment, upon shipment arrival or just prior to sale.