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Fresh Fruit in Antarctica? Oasis says YES!

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OASIS® Grower Solutions Korea is on the (very chilly) front lines in Antarctica, participating in research that will greatly improve horticulture at the bottom of the world.

The Antarctic project, which began in May 2020, was carried out with the government-affiliated National Institute of Horticultural Science and Farm8,  which Korea’s largest plant factory company.

Changing Cultivation, Expanding Selection

The purpose of the study is to change the vegetable cultivation system, which used to be only able to grow green leafy vegetables and to allow fresh fruit and vegetables to be grown in Antarctica.

The Oasis team in Korea has been pursuing many business-expanding ideas. Among these, it has established and maintained a good relationship with the leadership of the National Institute of Horticultural Science.

As a result, when they were planning the Antarctic Project, we had the opportunity to select our products that have biodegradable functions and excellent crop-growing, and it was finally selected after several meetings.

Current Status

Production of fruit and vegetables using slab-type Horticubes®eS (495-135-100) has been successfully tested. We will begin shipping to Antarctica in early October.

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Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project!