Oasis® Terra Plugs with Soax: The Reviews are In!

Terra Plugs with Soax

Terra Plugs with Soax

Seedlings and cuttings need a solid root structure to succeed, and Oasis® Terra Plugs with Soax helps provide it. That was the verdict when noted horti publication Garden & Greenhouse recently reviewed the latest innovation from Oasis® Grower Solutions!

The Garden & Greenhouse article opens with a caution for growers: focus on a strong beginning for your seedlings and cuttings!

The way a seedling or cutting begins its journey will set a precedent for the rest of its life. In other words, healthy, vibrant seedlings or clones are the foundation for a healthy, vibrant garden. Many gardeners make the mistake of not prioritizing the early stages of growth. Instead, their focus is on the later stages of fruiting or flowering, when the harvest is more tangible. Although the fruiting and flowering stages of growth are important, horticulturists who prioritize the early stages of plant development will be rewarded in spades when it comes time to harvest.   Garden & Greenhouse

Terra Plugs with Soax

Oasis® Terra Plugs with Soax: A Firm Foundation

So, how do Oasis® Terra Plugs with Soax help provide that firm foundation for successful fruiting and flowering and a bountiful harvest down the road? Here are some bullets…

  • Ideal pH for providing seedlings and cuttings with the perfect conditions for root development
  • Contains a small amount of starter fertilizer that provides balanced nutrition to the cutting or seedling once it has developed roots
  • New Soax wetting agent technology creates uniform water-to-air ratios throughout the entire root zone
  • Promotes faster and more uniform root development for earlier transplanting

These are just the highlights. Be sure to check out the Oasis® Terra Plugs page on our website for further info. And definitely read the whole review at Garden & Greenhouse!

Have YOU tried Oasis® Terra Plugs with Soax yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!