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OASIS® Grower Solutions Stabilized Media
Easy and Ready-to-Stick Propagation Media for young plant production

Fertiss® eS

Fertiss® eS is a ready-to-use plug and tray system made by wrapping the Fertiss® soilless propagation media with a compostable, bio-based “wrap”. The wrap is a compostable material that does not leave any chemical remnants. Fertiss® is a consistent and even propagation plug made with a blend of long-fiber sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite.

Best for (crops): vegetative, seed, and tissue culture propagation of annuals and perennials, nursery crops, silviculture, and agriculture

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eS – Ecologically sustainable product

Our product platform for products that have an ecological and/or sustainable benefit due to chemistry, manufacturing process or ecologically sustainable beneficial effect on resources and/or processes.

Features and Benefits

  • The plug wrap is a compostable and natural wrap material
  • Ready-to-use plugs: pre-filled in a propagation tray saves time and labor
  • Wrap media contains no glue
  • The plug wrap is compostable
  • Easy to insert: loose, open mix makes it easy to insert cuttings
  • Consistent and even media blend, pH adjusted
  • Promotes natural air pruning: uniquely developed trays avoid root spiraling and encourage development of dense fibrous roots system
  • Ideal for slow-to-root cultivars
  • High quality wetting agent to promote quick saturation and enhanced rewetting
  • Easy to transplant and ship young plantsStacking trays do not compress the plug media
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