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OASIS® Grower Solutions Near Harvest Treatment Helps to Improve the Success and Quality of Geranium Cuttings.


A spray treatment is specially formulated to help improve the postharvest quality of geranium cuttings through propagation. Premature leaf senescence caused by ethylene that is triggered from harvesting the cuttings is a serious issue affecting geraniums. It causes unwanted leaf drop, thus creating ideal conditions for Botrytis growth and can jeopardize the propagation success. An OGS Geranos treatment on the stock plants near the time of harvesting the cuttings will help to preemptively minimize premature leaf senescence in geranium cuttings. OASIS® Grower Solutions’ technical experience combines with our scientific approach to produce OGS Geranos to help maintain healthy geranium cuttings.

Best for (crops): geraniums

Improve the success

Geranos is the first near harvest treatment from Oasis® Grower Solutions

Features and Benefits

  • Helps to minimize postharvest leaf yellowing.
  • Improves the quality, success and efficiency of propagation.
  • Does NOT promote stretching when applied on the stock plants.
  • Helps to reduce crop shrink.
Descriptions Dimensions Case Qty.
Liquid 1 liter bottle 1 unit / case