OASIS® Grower Solutions Foam Medium Fast, Clean, Consistent Growing for Hydroponics


A specialized media density and fine cell structure promote faster, stronger root growth. In addition, the fine cell structure and drainage properties provide uniform moisture and hydroponic nutrients throughout the media – whether you use overhead irrigation or sub-irrigation.

Best for (crops): lettuce, herbs and other vegetables.

Hoticubes XL

For Edible Crops

Horticubes® XL was extensively tested and the studies prove that the growing medium is safe for growing edible crops. In addition, this medium is made from inert materials and are free of any pathogenic bacteria that can be associated with foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, Horticubes® XL has no carcinogenic or mutagenic properties in the foam medium, so these properties do not pass to the plant grown in the media.

When hydroponic fertilizer is used in the initial watering of the Horticubes® XL, the seedling growth increases by 200%.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal air-to-water ratio for fast germination.
  • Sterile media allows for a clean, pathogen free start.
  • Specialized media density allows for fast and easy root penetration within just 7 days.
  • Nutrients absorbed more efficiently with the vigorous root systems.
  • Increases seedling growth by 35% over the original Horticubes® foam medium.
  • Fast root development helps achieve maximum scheduling flexibility.
  • Durable foam minimizes clogging of irrigation filters.
  • No fertilizer added to allow for total hydroponic nutrition control.
  • No cation exchange capacity provides easily steerable solution.
  • Wide range of configurations and sizes for ultimate control of spacing and timing.
  • Consistent dibble hole spacing permits automated seeding.
Description Dimensions Case Qty
162 cell count 1" Top or Bottom Groove 20 sheets/CS
104 cell count 1.25" Top or Bottom Groove 20 sheets/CS
50 cell count 1.5" Top or Bottom Groove 20 sheets/CS
276 cell count No Groove 20 sheets/CS
276 cell count No Groove 20 sheets/CS