The Oasis® Hydro-Pro System is a substrate system for hydroponic vegetable production, and is available in a range of configurations.


A substrate’s air porosity, water content, and Electrical Conductivity (EC) plays a crucial role in a plant’s growth. Generally, higher water content and lower EC in the rootzone steers the plants towards vegetative growth. Alternatively, lower water content and higher EC in the rootzone allows the plants to be steered towards generative growth. OASIS ® Hydro-PRO System is a substrate exclusively developed for hydroponic vegetable production. The substrate allows for precise control of water and nutrient inputs in the rootzone. The substrate is structurally stable, and the desired physical properties are maintained throughout the entire crop cycle. OASIS® Hydro-PRO System consists of plugs, blocks and slabs. We offer two different air to water ratios that fit your growing needs based on climate and production practices. Oasis ® HydroPro Vantage is designed for warmer climatic conditions like the southern US or Mexico. Oasis ® HydroPro Excel is designed for northern climates where water transpiration is lower like Ohio or Canada.

Crop recommendation

Vegetable crops: Tomatoes and peppers

Features and Benefits

  • Engineered foam substrate with open cell structure allows precise control of water and nutrient inputs in the rootzone for balancing the vegetative and generative growth throughout the crop cycle.
  • Uniform distribution of water and nutrients throughout the substrate ensuring inputs are available for root uptake.
  • Promotes the development of a strong functional fibrous root system for optimal growth.
  • The substrate is uniform, consistent, and structurally stable to maintain the desired physical properties through the production cycle.
  • The substrate is easy to saturate and re-saturate between watering cycles.
  • The substrate has a low bulk density that is durable enough for handling but can be compressed and/or shredded for easy disposal.

Propagation media options


OASIS ® Hydro-PRO Plugs are engineered for production of strong, healthy, and uniform seedlings. The plugs have optimal air to water ratio for uniform seed germination. The specialized substrate structure promote faster root growth with increased secondary roots. A more vigorous root system means nutrients can be absorbed more effectively and will result in development of a stronger plant.

87-83700 OASIS Hydro-PRO Plug - Straight Hole 5200/CS 30/PLT
87-83800 OASIS Hydro-PRO Plug - Conical Hole 5200/CS 30/PLT
87-83900 OASIS Hydro-PRO EPS Tray 240 Cavity without Divisions 1 --
87-95015 OASIS Rootcubes 1.5” 100/CS 24/PLT
87-95010 OASIS Rootcubes 1.25” 208/CS 100/PLT
87-95240 OASIS Rootcubes 1.25” 52/CS 100/PLT
87-95225 OASIS Rootcubes 1.0” 324/CS --


OASIS ® Hydro-PRO Excel with a higher air porosity is designed to elicit a generative growth response in northern climatic conditions.

87-80600 OASIS Hydro-PRO Excel Block 10 x 10 x 6.5cm 6/TRAY --
87-82601 OASIS Hydro-PRO Excel Slab 100 x 15 x 5.5cm 147/CS --


OASIS ® Hydro-PRO Vantage with a higher water retention capacity is designed to elicit a balanced growth in a warmer climates like the Southern US and Mexico where water transpiration is higher.

87-80300 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Block 10 x 10 x 6.5cm 108/CS 24/PLT
87-82301 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Slab 100 x 15 x 5.5cm 108/CS 24/PLT
87-80050 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Block – 4 x 4 x 3” Hole Size 2.375” 108/CS 24/PLT
87-80104 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Block - 4 x 4 x 3” Hole Size 1.75” 108/CS 24/PLT
87-80162 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Block - 4 x 4 x 3” Hole Size 1.25” 108/CS 24/PLT
87-81104 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Block – 3 x 3 x 3” Hole Size 1.75” 192/CS 24/PLT
87-81162 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Block – 3 x 3 x 3” Hole Size 1.25” 192/CS 24/PLT
87-82001 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Slab – 22.5 x 8 x 3” 8/CS 20/PLT
87-82002 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Slab – 39.5 x 6 x 3” 1/CS --
87-82003 OASIS Hydro-PRO Vantage Slab – 8 x 8 x 3” 24/CS 24/PLT

Fertilizer blend

A proprietary blend of iron chelates that helps keep iron available even as the pH increases up to a high of 8.0. It additionally contains a significant level of soluble calcium and magnesium. This blend is fortified by the formulation power of the JR Peters family, a leader in high-quality water soluble fertilizers. The Peters have been proudly innovating and manufacturing fertilizer in the USA for more than 67 years.

All of the elements that Hydroponic Plants need – doubling growth in OASIS® Hydroponic Foam Mediums.