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Rootcubes® for Cuttings

Rootcubes® Retail Boxes

New packaging. New merchandising. New profits for you.

Introducing our newly-redesigned packaging and merchandising support system for OASIS® Horticubes® and Rootcubes® — sure to attract the attention of your customers. Our easy-to-understand, grower-support instructions on the new packaging, along with in-aisle “how-to” instructional brochures, are sure to grow customer confidence, and grow profits for you.

…Now You’re Growing!

Rootcubes® growing medium is an engineered hydrophilic foam specifically desiged for optimal callus and rapid root development. This cutting propagation medium was designed specifically with the perfect balance of air and water to encourage plant growth and get unrooted cuttings off to a strong start. Rootcubes® growing media conteins just the right amount of starter nutrients and are an especially economical propagation media. With a low action exchange capacity. Rootcubes® allows for rapid nutrient availability without danger of salt accumulation. It is pahogen-free, providing an environment which helps reduce disease and insect problems.

Rootcubes® growing medium is manufactured in sheet form, with individual cells shaped like cubes. Perfect for a wide variety of crops. Rootcubes® media is available in sheets of various configurations that fit conveniently into a standard 1020 plastic tray.

Our R&D team takes a simple, straightforward and scientific approach to solving the needs that growers encounter. We study the problems, test solutions and respond with products designed for optimal growing performance.

Features and Benefits

  • High-drainage product characteristic is ideal for crops requiring a high air porosity
  • Specifically engineered balance of water and air promotes vigorous root development
  • Maintains the original air porosity: the cells do not compact after continual watering
  • Pre-dibbled seed holes are uniform in depth and spacing, which makes it easy to automate the seeding process
  • Consistent product quality, cell-to-cell
  • Sterile media arrives pathogen-free, to help reduce disease and insect problems
  • User friendly, no need for protective gear or clothing when handling
  • Easy to separate cubes at transplant



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