OASIS® Grower Solutions Foam Media Engineered Media with tapered plug design for consistent and uniform rooting


OASIS® Rootcubes® Wedge® is an engineered foam medium with a distinctive design that tapers in shape from top to bottom, for cutting propagation. Along with optimal air to water ratios for fast, uniform rooting, this unique shape aids in directing roots downward for a more rapid development, resulting in greater crop turnover and overall productivity for the grower. Each cell is singulated, therefore, there is no tangling of the fibrous root systems.

Best for (crops):  poinsettias, mandevilla, hibiscus, roses, clematis, and other woody ornamental

Why Wedge®?

Rootcubes® Wedge® comes preloaded in either a strip or tray, and is immediately ready to use by a grower upon receipt. The unique technology of Rootcubes® Wedge® allows for faster cutting establishment, and improves the rooting success. Rootcubes®  Wedge®  is a scientific approach to the propagation of challenging and hard-to-root crops.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy transplant extraction from trays.
  • Keeps original structures of the media fibers to provide optimal air/water porosity.
  • Fast and uniform rooting with development of strong fibrous root system.
  • Uniform density within the plug, allowing rooting throughout the media from top to bottom.
  • Ready-to-use plugs with ideal moisture content.
  • Bonding technology allows for customized sizing of plugs.
  • Early transplant, even before the plants are well rooted.
  • Does not shrink.
  • Easy to re-water.
  • Made for automated processes.
Description Dimensions Case Qty
10 cell count without clips 1-ct x 10-ct Strip, 224/CS
10 cell count w/ clips 1-ct x 10-ct Strip, 224/CS
13 cell count without clips 1-ct x 13-ct Strip, 224/CS
13 cell count with clips 1-ct x 13-ct Strip, 224/CS
25 cell count 1-ct x 13-ct; 1-ct x 12-ct Double strip, 140/CS
34 cell count 2-ct x 17-ct Double strip, 72/CS
102 cell count 6-ct x 17-ct Tray, 10/CS
Connecting clips For 10-ct and 13-ct 244/CS
5-Ribbed Carrier Tray Holds 6 single or 3 double strips 75/CS
Carrier Tray Holds 102-ct medium not included 40/CS
Sub-Irrigation Tray Holds 6 single or 3 double strips 100/CS