OASIS® Grower Solutions Wetting Agent Supports growing media with efficient moisture management.


Soax® wetting agent helps to achieve consistency in growing media by aiding in the even dispersing of water and nutrients throughout the entire root zone. As a result, it helps prevent water masses from forming and helps to reduce the occurrence of spot drying. In addition, Soax® helps the growing materials, such as peat moss, to overcome the resistance to the initial wetting. To create the best possible environment for all plant roots, growers can choose from liquid and/or granular options of the Soax® wetting agent.

Improve Production

Soax® helps to improve consistency, quality and efficiency of commercial growing media durin crop production and beyond.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves overall crop growth and performance.
  • Increases “feeding” sites for plant roots due to the uniform moisture profile.
  • Helps to reduce water pockets and dry patches in the growing medium.
  • Even air-to-water ratios throughout root zone, promoting vigorous growth.
  • Helps reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for spot watering.
  • Promotes efficient utilization of water and nutrients applied to the growing media.
Descriptions Dimensions
1-Gallon Jug 4 units/case
5-Gallon Pail 1 pail
55-Gallon Drum 1 drum
120-Pound Drum 1 drum