OASIS® Grower Solutions Bonded Media Plug Engineered for cutting and seed propagation


Terra Plug is a bonded media manufactured using a unique horticultural-­‐friendly patented technology. With this technology, a wide variety of media may be used. The Terra Plugs are made by loose filling the propagation trays and stabilizing the media. The customizable Terra Plug and tray designs make the sorting and grading of rooted plugs compatible with our customers’ specific propagation processes to make potting easy, whether manually or with automatic transplanters.

Best for (crops): cuttings and seeds


  • pH and Electrical Conductivity (mS/cm)
  • Total Porosity: Percent total pore space on a volume basis (v/v).
  • Air Porosity: Percent volume of drainable pore space on a volume basis (v/v).
  • Water Holding Capacity: Percent moisture on a volume basis (v/v) after saturation and drainage.
  • Moisture Content: Percent moisture on a weight basis

Features and Benefits

  • Easy transplant extraction from trays.
  • Keeps original structures of the media fibers to provide optimal air/water porosity.
  • Fast and uniform rooting with development of strong fibrous root system.
  • Uniform density within the plug, allowing rooting throughout the media from top to bottom.
  • Ready-to-use plugs with ideal moisture content.
  • Bonding technology allows for customized sizing of plugs.
  • Early transplant, even before the plants are well rooted.
  • Does not shrink.
  • Easy to re-water.
  • Made for automated processes.