Introducing the NEW Look of our Consumer Product Line


New packaging. New merchandising. New profits for you.

Introducing our newly-redesigned packaging and merchandising support system for OASIS® Horticubes® and Rootcubes® — sure to attract the attention of your customers. Our easy-to-understand, grower-support instructions on the new packaging, along with in-aisle “how-to” instructional brochures, are sure to grow customer confidence, and grow profits for you. …Now You’re Growing!

Directions for use

Newly-Redesigned Packaging

  • New packaging sleeve has front panel “cut-away” revealing our Horticubes® and Rootcubes® product. The clear window protects the product.
  • Clean, updated look focuses on the science and research behind our superior product line.
  • Back panel features easy-to-understand, “how-to use” grower instructions.
  • Also available in BULK PACKS -276 CT, 104 CT and 50 CT Horticubes® or 104 CT and 50 CT Rootcubes®with 20 sheets in each box.

New Point-Of-Sale Displays

  • New OASIS® Horticubes® and Rootcubes® point of sale product display attracts customers outside of aisle, increasing product awareness.
  • Refillable display.
  • Sturdy, corrugated display holds 12 units.
Products Display

New Fertilizer Packets

  • Complete water soluble formula that instantly nourishes the plants and maintains the vigor.
  • Performs well in typical medias as well as hydroponic environments.
  • Suitable for indoor potted plants, containerized bedding plants, and production of vegetable herb crops.
  • Can be dissolved in water and applied directly to the media.

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